Green Vegetables

Salads  (All salads can be catered vegan)




Spiced Cauliflower with goats cheese, fresh herbs, pomegranate, citrus, walnut with a tahini dressing

Israeli Cous Cous, rocket, broccolini, pistachio, red onion with herb paste 

French Lentils with dehydrated tomatoes, pickled red onion, labneh and a red wine vinaigrette

Fatoush - radish, sumac, citrus, toasted Lebanese bread, tomatoes, parsley and crunchy Lebanese cucumber

Tabbouleh - Flat leaf parsley, mint, tomato, onion, Lebanese cucumber and crushed wheat (optional) with a zingy lemon and olive oil dressing 

Freekah and Barley grain salad with fresh herbs, grilled mushrooms, eggplant and zucchini, spring onion and a sesame citrus dressing

Fennel and Spiced Chickpea, with parsley, mint, cherry tomato, garlic and lemon dressing with Greek yogurt 

small - 4 people $35 (min 2)

large - 6-8 people $60

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What's in the Feast?

Our grazing tables include the salads of your choice, speciality cheeses, antipasti, dips, cured meats, zaatar bread, fresh bread, crackers, dried and fresh fruit, and nuts. The sweets include fresh baked baklava, Turkish Delight, halva and chocolate.

We use seasonal produce so fruits and vegetables may vary, but we guarantee you a spectacular sight. We eat with our eyes, just as well it also tastes delicious!

The Boring Stuff



If you or any of your guests have any dietary requirements/allergies let us know upon booking so we can cater for all needs. We can't guarantee that our platters and grazing tables are nut free.



graze & more are not responsible for the removal and disposal of food waste. 


Onsite parking is required in order for us to unload. If there is limited or no parking onsite, please do let us know when you book so we can try to make other arrangements.



graze & more will not issue refunds, unless we, the company cannot fulfil the booking. Date changes will be considered given sufficient notice and availability. All deposits are non refundable.

We've crossed the t's and dotted the i's. You can rest assured that we are a fully insured and registered catering company.